Manufacturing of iron-concrete decorative fences

“Group of companies “GS-Rezerv” manufactures, installs, system, stackable fences of concrete. Releasing the fences of concrete, we give this material a NEW QUALITY. The technology used for production of fences and the presence of diverse forms provide the possibility of producing decorative fence more than 20 types of textures. Popular textures are: brick (2 kinds) stone (3 kinds), wood, ridge, rock, fence.

There are three types of fences: decorative, two way, block. Concrete fences for durability not inferior to brick and stone, and cost per meter – they are much cheaper. The construction of the fence of our concrete panels are much faster than ordinary bricks. It does not require any special skills and it can easily two or three people. Panel weight of about 60 kilograms, of the post 90.

Fence panels are installed in the slots of the fence post. Standard fence height above the ground 0.5 meters, 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters. There is no need to lay the Foundation for the entire length of the fence, as it is done under a brick fence. The variety of forms of panels allows to create modifications of fences for every taste.